Auto Payments

Simplify, Secure, and Accelerate Your Payables and Receivables

Auto Payments
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Automate Payables, Receivables, and Everything In-Between—Your Financial Symphony, Perfectly Tuned

Welcome to the future of financial transactions with Fennech’s Auto-Payments, part of the innovative Fennech Financial Framework (F³). Designed for organisations handling high volumes of payments and collections, our solution automates and secures your financial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every transaction.

How Does It Work?

  • Data Integration: Automatically import invoices, account statements, and other financial data directly into the F³ platform.
  • Immutable Records: Once data is uploaded, it becomes immutable, providing a secure and complete audit trail.
  • Custom Settlement Rules: F³ allows for the customisation of settlement rules, ensuring payments are processed according to your specific needs—be it individual payments, aggregated, or netted transactions.
  • Enhanced Reconciliation: Sends detailed information to beneficiaries, aiding them in reconciling payments quickly and accurately.
  • Security and Control: Implement robust 4-eye or 6-eye control processes to manage the risk of errors or fraud effectively.

Auto Payments Dashboard

Key Features at a Glance

Customisable Payment Settings

Your Choice, Your Rules: Industry agnostic, Geography agnostic

Empower Your Payments Globally

F³ accommodates different payment strategies tailored to your needs. F³ works seamlessly across different industries, regardless of the type of business you run irrespective of your location. We support a wide range of currencies and international payment methods to facilitate transactions across borders. That means Freedom and Control, Wider Reach and Simplified Operations for you.


A Safer Way to Transact: Managing risks of error or fraud like never before

Streamline with Precision

Real-time Transaction Monitoring spots unusual transactions, allowing immediate action against potential fraud. Data Encryption secures financial information during transmission and storage, reducing the risk of breaches and identity theft. Automated reconciliation compares transaction records across systems, helping to identify errors or signs of fraud.

Full account virtualisation

Keep It All in One Place: Mastering Multi-Entity Finances & Unveiling Our Innovative Virtual Balancing System

Secure Every Transaction

Full Account Virtualisation helps you to reconcile transactions across virtual accounts ensuring accuracy and eliminating manual work, streamlining and managing inter-company transactions easily, and maintaining accurate virtual account balances reflecting the underlying real bank accounts.

Benefits of Auto Payments

  • Robust Processes

    Streamlined Processes, Effective Reconciliation, and Optimal Fund Allocation—All in One

  • Cost Efficiency

    Why Pay More for Payments? Achieve Cost-Effectiveness Without Compromising on Quality

  • Enhanced Security

    Prevent Fraud and Maintain Data Integrity with Fennech's Robust Security Protocols

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