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Create new digital capability for your organisation to allow you to rapidly scale and reduce the cost of your Finance & Treasury operations

Who are we?

Fennech is a B2B FinTech, PaaS provider. We deliver an intelligent automation platform for finance, treasury, and payment solutions. We use business rules, machine learning and AI to process millions of transactions on our enterprise strength solution.


Need to quickly deploy new digital solutions?

Our cloud-based technology delivers solutions configured to our clients’ desired way of working and fits in within their existing IT ecosystem. We help clients reduce their risk and enable them to quickly scale their business so high volumes can be processed at a low cost. Our low-code platform as a service supports their growth in the digital age.


All your financial operations on one interface

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Our Approach

We take a consultative approach to identify our clients requirements. Our services are scalable, quickly deployable, and can be configured to your individual needs with minimal disruption to your existing environment.

Our Solutions


Our Platform Components

How does it work?

Say hello to F³, our game-changing low-code intelligent automation platform. All our solutions and platform features are delivered using a set of common technology components. These include:

Digital Contracts
A data object that allows us to capture all the relevant data points for a financial transaction. This is to enable self-execution.
Smart Transactions
The individual financial transactions relating to the Digital Contract.
Entity Model
Allows many different views of the Digital Contract and Smart Transactions based on different hierarchies e.g., legal entity, business line, cost centre, etc.
Credit & Settlement Rules
A comprehensive and flexible set of rules to complement Digital Contracts. It ensures maximum automation while controlling risks and optimising working capital.
Machine Learning and AI
F³ uses a wide range of advanced technologies to make it easy and efficient to use, helping humans navigate and master complexity. We use Natural Language Processing, Expert System Business Rules, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
All smart transactions are stored in a data lake. Data is accessed in real-time via the Fennech Hypercube. The user will be able to access and dissect information via our data reporting API.
A rich library of secure public APIs for easy consumption of the platform and seamless integration with your existing Business Applications and Banking Partners. F³ is an API native modular platform, and all its components interact via an internal API library.
Smart Data
To avoid the usual “garbage in - garbage out”, we can deploy ad hoc loaders to replace or complement APIs. All data injected in F³ is structured, harmonised, and sanitised. Therefore, all data is relevant and ready to be used by AI and advanced analytics routines without inflating the data storage unnecessarily.
Micro Apps
Depending on the client’s needs, we can rapidly deploy ad hoc specific apps to allow users to benefit from the platform’s power with best-in-class UX.

Our History

The early 2010s ushered in an evolution in financial automation. The creation of an onboarding, implementation and process efficiency platform in banking was being conceptualised by our industry specialists.
Fennech Financial was born to address the common problem of operational inefficiency in finance worldwide.
The core architecture of F³ (Fennech Financial Framework) was built and completed in less than a year. The capacity, security and scalability tested positive.
Fennech entered the French market, secured funding with Business Angels and partnered with Corforge.
• We were the first payment infrastructure delivered to a Fintech/Paytech processing €42bn per anum.
• Fennech was selected as one of Intelligent Insurers Insurtech Hot 100.
• Created Fennech Europe BV in the Netherlands.
• Won the Sia Partners UK Fintech of the year award.
• Launched a CSR initiative called Launchpad to foster entrepreneurship during the pandemic.
• Selected for London & Partners Business Growth Program.
• FX Hub to a multi-billion payment and FX house listed in the US, multi-bank liquidity management.
• Inception of NeoTreasury, an iTMS (intelligent TMS) suite of products built on F³. Aimed at ill-equipped European SMEs via pure digital sales and onboarding.
Early 2010's
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