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About Fennech

Welcome to Fennech Financial, the next-generation Corporate Banking Platform as a Service that aims at hyper-automating Payments, Liquidity Management, working capital and more broadly Treasury and Finance.

We place ourselves at the crossroads between ERPs, a Core Banking System and a TMS. Indeed we will have some similarities with all of these systems but we seek to bridge the gaps between them. 

What we offer is visibility, control, and end-to-end automated processing across all these processes with very little need for human intervention.

Introducing F³ – short for Fennech Financial Framework – our core platform, designed to transform how businesses manage payments, liquidity, and treasury operations.

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What is F³?

F³ is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform that blends the best of Core Banking Systems, ERP, and TMS. It's robust, scalable, and tailored for your unique IT environment, offering custom solutions to manage payments, cash, risk, and financing more quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

Configurable for Your Needs

F³ stands out with its low-code approach, allowing for easy configuration to tackle specific challenges in payments processing. Beyond addressing individual pain points, F³ serves as the foundational layer for a suite of pre-configured Treasury solutions.

Who Uses F³?

F³ is the choice of Banks and Financial Institutions looking to digitalise and scale their B2B operations efficiently. Mid-sized to multinational Corporations rely on our Treasury Solutions to manage their treasury operations in real-time, across multiple banking partners, with one single process, irrespective of the bank, the geography or the currency.

The Power of Hyper-Automation

At the heart of F³ is hyper-automation. This feature simplifies end-to-end processes, enabling the production of accurate, reliable, and actionable data in near real-time. The best part? This efficiency doesn't require an increase in staff. We believe this approach is the foundation of Digital Corporate and Transaction Banking, marking the beginning of its digital transformation journey.

Unleash Transformational Efficiency in Your Finance Operations

At Fennech, we understand the unique challenges enterprises face in navigating today’s complex financial landscape. We offer tailor-made, scalable solutions designed to streamline your operations and empower strategic decision-making.

Our cloud-based technology seamlessly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring continuity and minimising disruption throughout the implementation process.

  • Achieve superior efficiency while mitigating risk with Fennech’s powerful platform. 
  • Handle high transaction volumes at lower costs.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our robust security architecture.

Our proprietary F³ platform empowers you to thrive in the digital age. Leverage cutting-edge automation, advanced analytics, and real-time insights to gain a competitive edge.

Our Solutions

Advanced Reconciliation Manager

Automatically allocate and reconcile incoming cash movements from your bank accounts with the correct individual transactions on your ledger

Agency Management

Manage and track all your payables and receivables between a network of agencies, suppliers, affiliate companies, or internal group entities

API Connect

Connect your core operating systems and get all your input standardised, converted and enhanced into the specific forms needed by the Banks, Payment institutions or Merchant eCommerce APIs

Auto Payments

Automate large-scale payables and receivables at a transactional level creating and controlling your own set of rules

FX Hub

Generate new revenues, gain visibility and control over all your FX activity and automate your trade execution and post-trade operations

In-House Virtual Bank

Create your own comprehensive In-House Virtual Bank allowing you to “plug and play” with your multiple banking partners

Liquidity Management

Optimise your cash position across multiple trading and legal entities. Be it daily cash pooling or term loans, automating control credit positions, process sweepings, distribute interests, and documentation of loans

Virtual Accounts

Create an unlimited number of accounts and simply define a set of business rules to allocate payments to and from those V-accounts. Reduce bank charges and automate reconciliation

Our Platform Components

At Fennech, we leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower businesses with seamless financial management solutions. Through secure data encryption and meticulous processing, we unlock the transformative potential of your valuable financial and contractual data.


Fennech’s IP derives from its’ smart architectural combination of core components delivered as a Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS). Our platform is a low-code development environment where each component is parametrised and configured to deliver the exact solutions our clients need.

Digital Contracts – proprietary IP, equivalent to smart contracts outside of Blockchain – are dynamically generated through advanced AI algorithms. These self-executing agreements ensure frictionless, autonomous transaction execution, minimising manual intervention and maximising efficiency.

Embrace a new era of transparency, security, and agility in financial operations. Contact us today to discover how our AI-powered solutions can revolutionise your financial management.

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