Automate your finance operations

What we do

Fennech is a B2B Fintech that provides a new Platform as a Service – The Fennech Financial Framework (F3 ) – to meet the specific needs of Finance Directors, Controllers and Treasurers.

We enable our corporate clients to digitalise their finance function & automate the processing of any type of finance operation through the use of Fennech Digital Contracts, and by utilising recent advancements in Machine Learning & AI. By doing so we optimise our clients’ funding, working capital and FX.

Our clients benefit by increased efficiencies, reduced cost of operation, and improved visibility and control across core activities such as cash reconciliation, payment generation, liquidity management, and  multi-party trading.

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The problems we are solving

Inefficiencies in cash management processes

  • Highly manual pre and post payment processes
  • Insufficient process control, errors and fraud prevention
  • Multi-Bank complexity
  • Poor quality Management Information not delivered in a timely manner
  • Difficulties in accurate cash forecasting
  • Significant sums tied up in unallocated cash
  • Poor optimisation of working capital and FX

We significantly improve

Our Products

Advanced Reconciliation Manager

Apply and match cash at underlying transaction level instead of gross level.

Use Case

Auto Payments

Generate high-volume payment and collection instructions including “on behalf of” structures.

Use Case

Agency Management

Manage cash movements between multiple parties and affiliates.

Use Case

In-House Virtual Banking

Create a comprehensive in-house corporate transaction bank.

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