Our Solutions

Advanced Reconciliation Manager

Are you still manually reconciling bank statements?  NOT TODAY! 

Manual reconciliation is inefficient and expensive. Our Advanced Reconciliation Manager solution automates, reconciles, and allocates all your cash movements.

Our F³ Platform uses AI and machine learning to match incoming and outgoing cash movements on your bank accounts to the individual transactions on your systems of record and ledgers.

  • The elimination of non-added value tasks.
  • A significant reduction in unallocated cash and operational costs.

Auto Payments

Automate large-scale outgoing and incoming payables and receivables at a transactional level.

Our F³ Platform combines and standardises data from many systems. It provides a single point to orchestrate and reconcile incoming and outgoing payments.

  • Scale your business by managing millions of transactions every day.
  • Automate complex payment processes.
  • Improved cash forecasting.

Virtual Accounts

The V-Account solution enables organisations to create an unlimited number of accounts to allocate payments easily and cost-efficiently. Don’t use your bank account as a ledger and say goodbye to complex and expensive account structures! And there is no need to ask counterparties to change the way they make payments.

The V-account matches cash payments to receivable or payable items using a wide range of data points to build the cash position for an entity. It simply reconciles payment activity to the underlying entity regardless of which bank account the payments were booked on and for any type of account structure:  per legal entity view, business management units, product lines, project codes or cost centres.

  • Improvement in visibility and budget control.
  • Reduction in banking costs and funding needs.
  • Real-time identification and reconciliation of incoming payments.
  • Easy deployment for any organisational unit that requires an overview of its cash liquidity.

Payments and Collections Factory

Manage all the flows and types of payments of your group of companies in one single place. This solution includes “on behalf of” structures and connecting to all your payment processors. The Platform also manages your administration, documentation and booking.

Our F³ Platform connects to several ERPs or accounting systems. It uploads all payables and receivables transactions. The Platform then generates the appropriate payment files by adopting a series of controls and universal credit and settlement rules. It directs them to your Banks or payment processors. Book transactions on virtual accounts simultaneously to manage inter-company liabilities and allow subsequent reconciliation.

  • Process millions of transactions, irrespective of your existing IT ecosystem.
  • Exercise complete control over which payment processor you want to use.
  • Optimise your working capital by netting transactions and reducing banking fees.
  • Automate all your documentation and administration tasks.

Agency Management

Manage and track payables and receivables flowing between a network of agencies, affiliate companies, or internal group legal entities. This solution includes the ability to provide sophisticated net settlements.

Our Platform uses e-invoicing, automated processing, virtual accounts, netting, and multi-bank settlement functionalities. This assists in virtualising your real-world network and trading relationships. Use the Platform to create Trading entities and capture business and payment settlement rules.  Payables and receivables relating to the individual transactions are now uploaded and recorded on the Platform. Using AI and machine learning, these cash movements are then processed and reconciled. 

  • Save up to 50% of your manual workload.
  • Reduce working capital requirements up to 80%.
  • 100% cash reconciliation and matched for all participants.
  • Ensure accurate cash forecasting and detailed regulatory reporting. 

Liquidity Management

Effortlessly customise cash sweeping with this flexible solution to move liquidity to where it is needed most across many banks.

Cash sweeping provided by banks only zero-balances the accounts at one bank. We take balance data from all your banks. This solution allows you to manage liquidity across all your banks from one place. Our Platform uses many different parameters to move funds, including forecast cash positions. Manage all your cash positions and the rules that govern the cash sweeping on one dashboard. Thus, removing the need for lengthy, paper-based administration processes.

  • Reduce the need for overdraft positions across your accounts.
  • Manage liquidity quickly and efficiently.

FX Hub

Payment Service Providers can find themselves losing out on revenue streams as other parties in the payment landscape take the value from cross-currency transactions. Our FX Hub solution brings revenues and controls back in-house by automating all aspects of your FX operations.

The FX Hub reaches out to your liquidity providers to source the rates you need as you need them. It provides you with the most appropriate rate per transaction based on the rule sets you specify. It will then route your trades to the best provider, ensuring complete transparency in each step of the process.

  • Centralise and automate the entire FX lifecycle.
  • Improve controls and reduce operational risk.
  • Increase transparency to end-user clients on rates paid.
  • Payment Service Providers also gain the potential to increase revenues through offering new FX services to end-users.

API Connect

Finance, treasury, and payment automation often require data held in different systems with different providers. Our F³ Platform can act as the central hub to collect, standardise, and distribute data from your providers to your business applications.

We provide a set of standardised APIs that allow you to pick up the data you need from F³. We do the complex task of sourcing that data from your various providers and standardising it. We can also send instructions (e.g., trade requests, payment instructions etc.) back to your providers due to the automation tasks.

  • Quick, simple integration that brings you the data you need in real-time to support all your automation tasks.

In-House Virtual Bank

Multiple accounts. One Bank. One Platform.

Multinational corporates maintain hundreds of accounts with several banks globally. As a result, managing their treasury becomes expensive and inefficient. 

Our Platform enables medium-large corporations to create an in-house corporate bank. This solution will empower corporations and commoditise the banks.

Our Platform uses a robust and easy to use self-administered single Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It interacts with Corporate Banks based on correspondent banking principles.

  • Exercise complete control of account maintenance for your subsidiaries.