Our culture & values

Our purpose describes our role in this world, the value we provide to our customers and our markets, and the commitments we have made to our employees and stakeholders.

Our values serve as our ethical and moral compass and describe how we should behave with each other and our customers. Together, they form the foundation upon which all our decisions should be made.

Fennech Financial Limited’s values influence everything that we do, from our ongoing relationships with our customers and partners to our daily interactions across the business.

To cultivate these values within the organisation we have ensured that each member of the Fennech Team:

  • Conducts business in line with our values and beliefs
  • Understands our mission to be recognised as a leading FinTech and live business facilitator in the world through our 5 core values:


We act with integrity and honesty at all times by holding ourselves and each other to be ethical and reliable in all that we do.

  • Uphold the Trust Principles of integrity, independence and freedom from bias.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness in our delivery of products and services.
  • Act ethically and with transparency within a fairness environment.
  • Show consistency between what you say and what you do.


We innovate to serve our customers, drive our growth and win in dynamic business environments.

  • Try new things and learn from them, be curious.
  • Act boldly and capture new opportunities by anticipating customer needs.
  • Challenge the status quo by finding better ways to do things.
  • Speak up, share ideas, and encourage others to do the same.

Collaboration and Partnership

We work together, with each other, with our customers, and with the industry partners to deliver superior results and experiences.

  • Work with others to develop joint solutions and break down internal barriers.
  • Assume positive intent to work with others. Our competitors are external.
  • Build effective relationship with colleagues and industry partners to enable others to be successful and we celebrate success.
  • Invest in people to maximise their future employability whether that be inside or outside the firm. We believe in meritocracy and accountability, so the firm empowers individuals to collectively benefit from each and every success.


We deliver results, excelling at work that positively impacts the world.

  • Own our results, act promptly and make it happen.
  • Reduce complexity.
  • Excel at execution.
  • Deliver and seek timely, candid and actionable feedback.

Respect and Inclusion

Both employees and leaders are expected to create a work environment that’s free of discrimination, harassment and inappropriate conduct.

  • We use common sense to provide a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Respect, equality, diversity, and inclusion are fundamental to our organisational processes, practices and the firm’s culture.
  • Resilience is at the heart of who we are as a company and we support individuals to maintain a balanced environment to help prevent anxiety, burnout, depression and stress.
  • We trust that all employees will act in the best interest of Fennech Financial Ltd and avoid conflicts of interest by making ethical decisions.

These values are important to us not only because they impact our business performance but also because they impact our reputation with every individual and business we interact with.

We expect our employees and business partners to do all that they can to help us achieve our aims (as set out above) whilst upholding our values.

We want all our employees to value integrity as this touches many aspects of our business.

We know that this is core to set the stage for long-term success.

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