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Our Values

Trust is at the heart of what we do, and it only takes one illegal or unethical action to destroy it. That is why we stand by our company values. It brings clarity on what to expect of each other, and what you will see from us.

As members of Fennech Financial Limited, we have a duty of care towards each other and the company.

​Our company is growing exponentially. Why? Because we act with integrity and independence by holding ourselves and each other to be ethical and reliable in all we do.

No business deal is more important than that.


Audrey Fauvel

Audrey Fauvel

Chair & CEO Fennech Singapore
Emmanuel de Rességuier

Emmanuel de Rességuier

Founder & CEO
Robert Lunn

Robb Lunn

CPO & CEO Fennech Canada
Max Pell

Max Pell

Chief Administrative Officer
Philippe Laliberté

Philippe Laliberté

Chief Information Officer
Nick Line

Nicholas Line

Non-Executive Director

Management Team

Kevin Lamontagne

Chief Technology Officer
Julien Haye

Julien Haye

Chief Risk & Compliance & Officer
Mélina Moussali

Mélina Moussali

Chief Revenue Officer

Advisory Board


Sasa Brcerevic

Mark Woolley

Mark Woolley


Herve Postic

Utsit Europe

Roger Parker

ILM Coach & Mentor
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