Fennech launch the F3 (Fennech Financial Framework) platform

Fennech Financial ltd is very pleased to announce today the official launch of Fennech Financial Framework called F3 (F cube).

F3 is a new “Banking as a Service” platform that allows businesses to digitise and transform cash management and legacy payment processes which are often expensive and inefficient. We are transforming and simplifying traditional financial processes through the integration of this new Digital Platform, based on the recent advancements in Digital Contracts and Machine Learning technologies.

After 15 months of specifications, development and testing, done in collaboration with La Cité LP in Canada, representing a GBP multi million investment, F3 is now built, tested, deployed to an industrial strength and is easily scalable.

F3 is a robust framework that has 4 components:

  • Digital Cash Ledger (DCL), a PaaS Digital Contracts management platform
  • Digitisation loaders that structure and import data into DCL
  • Micro-applications, a series of process specific UIs
  • APIs, for easy deployment and integration with internal legacy systems, Counterparts and Banks

F3 as an agile processing engine and development framework can be easily customised and designed to match customer’s generic or industry specific products.

Fennech will be announcing its first customers for the F3 platform in the near future.

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