Go Beyond RPA with our
Autonomous Banking Platform

Extend the capability of BluePrism’s RPA with Fennech’s Hyperautomation Platform for finance, treasury, and payments.

Fennech/Blue Prism Technology Alliance Program (TAP)

The Fennech/Blue Prism Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Partnership allows businesses to scale and create new digital capabilities in payments & treasury cost-effectively. Organisations can reduce the cost-of-service operations, manage capacity, improve efficiency, and optimise the performance of people and robots.

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Blue Prism is a global leader in intelligent automation and RPA, helping organisations transform how they operate, unlocking inefficiencies and returning millions of hours back into the business.

Fennech is a cloud-based SaaS B2B Fintech that helps organisations orchestrate large scale and complex processes in Payments, Finance, & Treasury. Fennech provides an enterprise-strength Intelligent Automation Platform as a Digital Toolkit to configure bespoke solutions in reconciliation, payables and receivables management, and multi-entity trading cash management. Fennech is differentiated by a highly configurable single end-end platform that delivers the process flows clients want to follow and fits within their existing IT ecosystem. Find out more about Fennech’s Solutions.


All large corporates and financial institutions need to speed up their Digital Transformation to remove inefficiencies and constraints to growth. Across Financial Services, companies are still over-reliant on costly, manual processes in cash management that create increased operational risk and reduce management visibility.


The Fennech platform uses smart contracts (but not on a DLT) to fully automate complex payments and reconciliation processes that link the client’s ERPs directly to their preferred payment rails.

Blue Prism provides a full wrap around service to the Fennech platform, including work-flow and automated data collection.


• Cloud based enterprise strength. Tested to 20m transactions a day.

• Handles complex and sophisticated multi party payment and finance orchestration.

• Able to configure platform to the customer’s desired process flows and fit into complex IT ecosystems unlike single product offerings.

• Fully API enabled, makes adoption easy.

Use Cases

The partner solution acts as an accelerator of RPA benefit delivery via three key capabilities:

  • Reconciling any data point with a cash movement. For example a QR code purchase with a cash movement on a bank statement, or one single incoming aggregated payment with multiple underlying transactions on ledger.
  • Automating large scale payments out from multiple legacy systems.
  • Automating and allocating large scale incoming payments from multiple sources.
  • Managing cash movements between multiple legal entities/Supply or distribution chain. Calculating commissions and fees and segregating the cash.

We can build a new digital payment infrastructure from scratch to create new capability for the client. For example:

For a US listed cash management business with a banking licence

  • Built a new cash network in France linking 6,500 Tabacs to allow customers to pay utility bills and make online purchases offline.

For a US-listed Global Payments Institution

  • Built a single FX hub for multiple business units to select the best FX rates from their multiple banking partners.