Digitalising Finance Operations

Optimising an Agency or Affiliates Network

Industry: Insurance
Client: Global And Regional Insurers


Managing and tracking payables and receivables flowing between a network of agencies, affiliate companies, or internal group legal entities is time consuming and expensive. There is a strong reliance on manual processes across multiple teams. Interestingly, “internal” flows are often managed in a less disciplined way than third party payments. Multiple bank accounts are held in too many locations with unnecessary “trapped“ cash. Also, traditional netting systems can be difficult to deploy, and quite rigid in the way cycles are run.


The F3 platform solves all these issues through a unique business PaaS solution (Platform as a Service) deploying a combination of robust e-invoicing, automated processing, virtual accounts, netting, and multi-bank settlement functionalities. Premiums and Claims related to policies underwritten by agents, or affiliate brokers and insurers, are uploaded or captured in the system, irrespective of each participants’ IT. These cash movements are then processed using Digital Contracts, combined with a powerful set of settlement and credit control rules, as well as Machine Learning.


Once agreed between parties, the subsequent net movements of cash are automatically and granularly processed in a very flexible way. Netting options, as well as frequency of settlement, can be set for each participant, group of participants, even for each transaction or set of transactions. After settlement, all positions are fully matched and reconciled for all participants. All current and future cash transactions are captured on the platform, and all virtual accounts across the network can be analysed via real-time multi-dimensional aggregated views, that can update a large range of IT systems via API or enriched output files.


With fewer payments required, and by applying netting between counterparties, you can considerably

  • Reduce payment costs
  • Implement discipline
  • Improve overall cash flow efficiency by up to 80%
  • Deliver operational savings of 50% due to reduction in manual workload
  • And achieve 100% cash reconciliation and matching for all participants.